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About Us

Owner and CEO

Woman Chief Executive Officer, Reyna Marchant has been deeply involved in skincare research even before the establishment of the company. However, her commitment to research intensified in 2017 after facing a cancer diagnosis and subsequent symptoms of cystic acne, which resulted in severe scarring. In 2022, she obtained certified esthetician status with advanced certification. This experience enables her to assess skin and enhance its appearance in accordance with individuals' skincare aspirations. Reyna advocates for natural and holistic methodologies that deliver proven results and serene experiences. 

  • Member of the Professional Skin Care Association (Since 2022)
  • Licensed Esthetician with Advanced Certification (2022)
  • (600 hours completed, including waxing) (2021 - 2022)
  • Certified Herbalist (2023)
  • Certified in Dermalogica (2021)
  • Certified in Barbicide (2021)
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Resources with a specialization in Entrepreneurship (2020)
  • Bilingual (English and Spanish)


Operates proudly under her esthetics motto: 

Eternal Beauty Esthetics By Marchant Skin Care

"Helping you grow love for your skin. Only, to love it eternally."

About Marchant Skin Care (est. 2017)

 Established in 2017, the inception of Marchant Skin Care was marked by the introduction of a unique herbal formula, originally developed by a Marchant and cherished through generations since 1974. Saddened to share that the Marchant Herbal formula will no longer be available under our brand. Instead, we are excited to share that it will continue its historic journey under its family brand, revived by its original founder, in pursuit of greater success and expanded presence to showcase its remarkable qualities.

Transitioning from its artisanal roots to a contemporary era of herbal research, Marchant Skin Care now focuses on formulation under meticulous research overseen by Reyna Marchant, owner of Marchant Skin Care. Our goal is to create a formula that harnesses the full potential of herbal synergies, offering a wide range of specific benefits for your skin in its purest and most natural state. These efforts pay homage to the wonders of our own Mother Nature.

To date, Marchant Skin Care has successfully established two interconnected branches that harmonize seamlessly. In 2021, the brand introduced its own esthetic division, meticulously overseen and executed by its owner, Reyna Marchant. Her profound expertise, accumulated throughout her skincare exploration journey since the inception of her skincare line, is now channeled into this venture.

At this moment, Marchant Skin Care is poised to reintroduce its product line with a revitalized visual identity. Simultaneously, the brand takes pride in presenting its second branch, dedicated to CBD cosmetics. This expansion is driven by contemporary research, which reveals a variety of synergistic and advantageous properties associated with CBD.

Eternal Beauty Esthetics (est. 2022)

Reyna's dedication to improving skin quality began after dealing with acne and scarring following her battle with cancer in 2017. This experience led her to embark on an intensive exploration of aesthetics. In 2018, Reyna was on track to pursue a nursing career, with just a few months left before starting her nursing program. However, a fundamental understanding prompted her to reconsider this path, recognizing the immense emotional resilience required of nurses. Despite this shift, her extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology served as a solid foundation, perfectly applicable to her subsequent skin-focused research efforts, a practice she continues to champion.

Upon leaving the nursing program, she wholeheartedly devoted herself to her passion for skincare. Returning to education, Reyna completed an immersive 600-hour esthetician licensing program. This milestone marked the genesis of her skincare endeavor, where she skillfully combines her experience and accumulated knowledge to address her immediate skincare aspirations. With unwavering pride, she upholds her motto:

"Helping you grow love for your skin. Only, to love it eternally.

   July 2017

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Gilbert, AZ, USA 


Marchant Skin Care Welcomes MSC+ (est. 2023)

We introduce our recent addition, MSC+ ("Marchant Skin Care Plus"). This cosmetic line places emphasis on a crucial component known as Cannabidiol (CBD), which provides a harmonious and synergistic interaction with the skin's biological system. Through this interaction, it effectively influences skin performance by modulating a variety of skin properties and benefits.